TrIP December 2013 Posts


Day 1: @deadquarewalking by David Thomas Moran

Day 2: Welcome to Lion Country by Jesse Bradley

Day 3: Untitled Photography Series by Barbara A. Ery

Day 4: Structure and System by Nathan Selikoff

Day 5: Stealthy Public Transit by Hannah Plate

Day 5 – Part II: Untitled Graphic Narrative by Madison Meyer

Day 6: Unaffiliated Grace by Jessica Earley

Day 7: Fancy Recorder by Brittany Metz

Day 8: Place, Time, and Memory in Lonesome Pines by Moriah Lorraine Russo

Day 9: Wearing the 8 by Bethany Mikell, Megan Steward and Kelly Berry

Day 10: People on the Street Cannot See You -Part I of II by Patrick Greene

Day 11: People on the Street Cannot See You -Part II of II by Patrick Greene

Day 12: Let’s make this a regular thing by Sarah Abuobaida Elbadri

Day 13: Dear LYNX by A Brokenhearted Commuter 

Day 14: The Sensory Space of a Bus by Dina Mack 

Day 15: Busing Around the World – Text by Geoff Benge, Illustration by Janna Benge 

Day 16: Point of Departure by Voci Dance 

Day 17: I’m Not Going Nowhere – Poem by Olivia Zuk, Photograph by Aaron Harriss. 

Day 18: The Not-So-Magic Bus by Seth Kubersky 

Day 19: Patience by Tre 

Day 20: Update on Structure and System by Nathan Selikoff 

Day 21: ants by Natalie Ayala 

Day 22: Surround Sound by Emilie Finney 

Day 23: Outside Looking In by Danielle Darden 

Day 24: Premium Living by Sean Ironman 

Day 25: Pantoum of LYNX Route 40 by Vanessa Blakeslee 

Day 26: Back and Forth by Woodruff Laputka 

Day 27: I’ll Be Home Soon by Ivan Riascos 

Day 28: Recognizable in a Blur by Jay Flynn 

Day 29: Riders’ Block: a confession by Ryan Rivas 

Day 30: Home to the Crossroads by Julian Chambliss 


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