TrIP Biennale Day 14: 313 Revisited by Jeremy Adams

TrIP2015-313_Revisited (preview) from Jeremy Adams on Vimeo.

The difference between public transit in a city like Orlando compared to major metropolitan areas can be most felt in the amount of time spent waiting compared to actually traveling.

For my TrIP, I started at Stardust Coffee where I met Pat Greene to get my tickets. I had a simple objective: navigate from Stardust to my condo in Casselberry. Along the way I would document my experiences.

The 8.3 mile trip would have taken about 20 minutes in a car. My total travel time clocked in around 2.5 hours including waiting on my first bus for 45 minutes (my fault for not checking the schedule ahead of time). Overall traveling on the bus is a pleasant experience, albeit a little boring. As I glanced around at the nearly empty bus the first glimpses of my piece started forming.

For my previous TrIP entry, I created an sonic rendering of the 313 route. The next logical step for me was to revisit the same route and create a multimedia rendering. I recorded the audio and video on an iPhone 5c and manipulated it in Pure Data.

The final piece is over an hour in duration so rather than wait for days for an upload that might not happen, I decided a 5 minute preview of the work would be sufficient. The preview can be viewed here:

Stay tuned for more information regarding the first showing of TrIP2015_313_Revisited.


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