TrIP Biennale Day 10: Biking to Work Is My No. 1 by Lindsay Agnew

Can commuting to work relieve stress?

For the month of November, I wanted to see if this could be true.

For 1 week I drove my car…
For 1 week I road my bike…
For 1 week I carpooled…
For 1 week I walked…

My TrIP to work one way is 3.5 – 4 miles

Driving My Car:
distance of trip – 7 miles
Time- 30 mins

Riding My Bike:
Distance of trip – 8 miles
Time – 50 mins

Walking to Work:
Distance of trip – 8 miles
Time – 2 h and 40 mins

distance of trip – 3.5
Time- 30

Which commute was more enjoyable?

While riding my bike or walking, I had more interaction with human contact. As I would pass local people, 90% of the time they would wave, say hi or good morning to me. I would also do that same and wouldn’t think twice about it. Which is more relaxing then being in a car and hearing beeping / honking. On my way home from work with walking or biking home I was able to see and ride by Lake Ivanhoe while the sun was setting over the lake. A few times I would stop and reflect on my day or week.

Could commuting be make you feel more connected to the community?

With walking and riding your bike I would say yes. I was more into looking at the local shops and walking or riding my bike makes me want to stop into a coffee shop, a food place or a store to shop. I am more interested in doing so while walking or riding my bike. With that being said. If more locals were to do that would business do better? Would you know your community more and what it has to offer an the people in it?

Being more awake or tired during work depending on the type of commute?

My findings were I was more awake if I walked or biked. I left more alert and more calm and less stressed about my daily duties at my job. To my surprise I thought when it was time to commute home at the end of the day I would be more tired, it was the opposite. It became a way for me to move my body around before and after sitting at my desk for 8 hours.


These articles have similar findings:

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The most random incidents that happened during the month of my TrIPs was when I was walking. I had a bunch of people stop and ask if I was okay and needed a ride where, even people I would pass on the sidewalk would say the same thing.

What commute was least enjoyable:

Carpooling / my car…. was more worried about getting to work on time.

End result:

I choose TrIP – riding my bike to work would be my number 1. For an extra 8-10 mins more than riding my bike day. I am getting exercise, being outside and enjoying the fresh air.  It is also fun.


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