TrIP Biennale Day 9: The Sensory Space Of A SunRail by Dina Mack


| By Dina Mack |

Yes, the “A” is intentional in the title of this post

The last TrIP I took was on Day 14 of the first TrIP project in 2013, resulting in The Sensory Space of A Bus. I wanted this year’s trip and this post to be a continuation of the first and a continuation of my past experiences riding mass transit. So, I’ve thought about the title. Here are some that didn’t work: The Sensory Space of A Train; The Sensory Space of a Subway; The Sensory Space of a Metro.



The word “Sun” frequents the Sunshine State. Before getting “on” the SunRail I got “in” my car and drove to the SunTrust parking garage in Winter Park. From there, I walked to the Winter Park Station. I took the SunRail specifically for Day 9 of this project. I wanted “Day 9” because things in threes often surface in my works and 9 is a triple of 3. I wanted to wake up early. I took notes.

6:05 a.m.        Wake up

6:30 a.m         Get in my car

On the car ride in, I notice that the sky looks like insulation or dryer lint. On NPR a man is talking about some sort of “comfortable underpants.” Traffic is moving so I can’t write down the name of the underpants.

7:05 a.m.        Arrive at parking garage

7:11 am.         Get on the SunRail

The interior ride: bright lighting, airport-like smells, cold air flow to the nostrils. Being in this space makes me feel like I’m travelling in from out of town. I don’t have a plan, other than seeing, hearing, smelling, and feeling. I don’t particularly want to touch anything other than my notebook and my SunRail ticket.

7:13 a.m.        Arrive at Florida Hospital Health Village

7:16 a.m.        Stop in Downtown Credo


There are remnants of potential rust, the remains of a leaf, numbers and crossed-out numbers. The color yellow is everywhere: painted on the ground, in the line of a sandwich bag, and on the vest of the workers surrounding the station. And white: lab coats and dishes and details printed on large sheets of paper. There is a sense of efficiency brewing. A control valve. A fan being pushed on a dolly. A coffee being poured-over.

8:04 a.m         Get on the SunRail

8:11 a.m.        Arrive at Winter Park

On the ride back, and walking back to my car, I think about what might resurface in future works: the yellows, the whites, the lines, the flaws, the notes on paper, a glow, grass green, and turquoise.


Dina Mack is influenced by experiences that are “quiet, personal, fragile, and beautifully imperfect.” Documentation or research related to sensory effects and rituals are a part of her work. She has exhibited locally and internationally and her work can be found in a variety of public and private collections. More at Dina Mack and Destination Journal


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