TrIP Biennale Day 7: instance |ˈinstəns|- noun 1 an example or single occurrence of something by Ivan Riascos


| By Ivan Riascos |

For my entry in the TrIP Biennale, I took several different buses, but as always I ended up at the Orlando International Airport.  I realize TrIP is about the trains, buses, walking, and cycling in the Central Florida region, but one of the main arteries for people to come into this region is the airport, so I ended up making two bodies of work to reflect my experiences of bus rides and time at the airport.

 The black and white images were created using a 4X5 pinhole camera, because I wanted to address time travel.  The need of being on time, scheduling my day with the LYNX system, determining the duration of the trip, and determining what time I have to catch the bus to get to my destination on time.  For each leg of the journey, once seated on the bus I opened the shutter on the camera and it would remain open until I reached my destination.  The images reflect the duration of each bus trip and my time at the airport.  The images taken on the bus are blurry because of the vibrations from the road and the bus, and they are without people because people moved before they could be captured on film.

436 S
436 N
Airport Day
Airport Night

Once at the airport I decided to sit under the display for flight information, creating my second body of work.  Using my phone, I captured people’s expressions while they were obtaining information of arriving and departing flights.

Ivan Riascos is a conceptual artist that was raised and resides in Central Florida.  Working in various mediums, his primary interest is in photography and its history, which he uses to create diaristic perspectives in his artwork.  He earned his BFA from SAIC, and his MFA from UCF.



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