Please pardon my break from our regularly scheduled programming #nopunintended by David Moran

  You may be wondering what in the world happened to the TrIP blog. Aren’t we suppose to be pushing out a new post every day this month?!?

You are right. Unfortunately, we had a little set back when I unexpectedly broke my arm (and my laptop) this past Saturday while riding my bike (and wearing a TrIP shirt – see photo above)!!!  I actually saw Pat right after the accident and initially we thought my injuries were no big deal.

It has taken a few days for myself and my laptop to recover (and will probably take several more). Regardless, we should have the blog back up and running on Dec. 10 so that we can get caught up and share all the wonderful posts coming through the pipeline.

Stay tuned.

PS: Thank you to the Link 125 and its bike rack for helping me get my bike home after my accident. Definitely couldn’t have ridden all the way back. Word up to multimodal!


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