TrIP Biennale Day 3: The Tuesday Rush Hour Experience featuring Garine Adams from the Adams’ Family Band 

| By Garine Adams |

First off, what a great TrIP. I had a wonderful Tuesday rush hour experience sharing live music with Orlando commuters. I started over in Casselberry, near the Jai Lai. I played there for about a half hour before getting on my first bus. The people waiting at that stop didn’t mind me playing, and most even sang along with familiar tunes. They also didn’t seem to be waiting for the bus. I wasn’t really sure what they were all up to, but we shared a great time anyway.

The first bus I got on didn’t have many people, and the bus driver was reluctant to let me play. I stayed on for a stop, and luckily the route came back around close enough for me to walk back to my starting bus stop. Funny enough, some of those same people were still at the stop. The next bus was wonderful. The people were receptive, and the driver was a music lover. I played all the way downtown. I even got requests. One man, noticing my newly put in dreads, asked if I knew any Bob Marley. I of course hit him right back with a ya mon, and went right into I Shot the Sheriff. Fun times.


When we reached the downtown station, I spent about 30min playing some songs there. Those people enjoyed it, and some even came up to talk to me. I love it when people take time to talk to me about their lives. It happens more and more recently. I try to take time during the day to pray for those folks too. If they went out of their way to tell me something then, more often than not, they really need the prayer. I definitely enjoyed my evening of singing with the people of Orlando. Thanks LYNX.


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