Participate in #TrIPBiennale – November 1-30, 2015. Sign up now.

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It’s not too late to be a part of TrIP’s tw0-year anniversary celebration!

Click here to fill out our interest form and sign up to participate.  Read more below:

Two years later, we are going on another 30-day, transit pass-passing adventure. Each day between Nov. 1 and Nov. 30, 2015 a different person(s) will explore Central Florida’s transit system via walking, biking, riding the bus or commuter rail, etc.

Connections are a central theme to the TrIP Biennale so we encourage participants to use at least two modes of transit during their travels. We are still working on the details regarding transit passes.

Participants will have a month from the date of their TriP adventure to submit a blog post which will be published on the TrIP website/blog beginning in December.

Previous TrIPers have represented an eclectic range of disciplines and community perspectives on transit submitting music recordings, sensory observations, oral interviews, sketches, paintings, mixed media, photographs, computer simulations, reflections, poetry, video, prose, illustrations, tips for riding transit, tactical urbanism strategies, historical criticism and so much more.

Blog posts ranged from field observations and reflections about riding transit with various images and text to documenting the progress or actual completion of a creative project. Your project does not have to be completed by the time of your post….many TrIP-inspired works continued well past the November-December time period.


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