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Through a month-long series of interventionist actions and documentations, I will explore the meandering routes of women along the Lynx bus lines in the Greater Orlando area. This exploration is informed by my own experience as a captive Lynx bus rider and domestic, female entity. Women, as primary domestic caregivers as well as members of the formal workforce, tend to combine tasks they must complete within a day, causing them to have multiple destinations (referred to as “trip chaining”), and consequently multiple bus fares and long walks through dangerous areas while bus service is not at its peak frequency.

As a psychogeographic exploration of the female experience in public transit, I seek to reveal instances of fear and discomfort particular to women created by the organization of Orlando Lynx bus routes. I will lay down ephemeral trails of various domestic objects through areas off the bus routes, which act as a temporary record of the length of on-foot journeys in Orlando- a city which caters to cars and disenfranchises pedestrians.  An impoverished nod to Hansel and Gretel, referencing the infantilization of women through creation of economic dependency, these trails attempt to evoke comfort in female bus riders.

4:46PM 5:09PM 5:21PM

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