Chelsea Martin is a young emerging artist who resides in the Winter Park area. She is currently attending Seminole State College as a freshman, and aspires to be a film maker. Very involved in the Orlando art scene, This will be Martin’s first time showcasing her work to an audience.
Imagine all the people living life in peace.
Imagine is Jens favorite song.
Jens sad. Her boyfriend isn’t the man she thought he was.
He’s rude, and doesn’t know what he wants.
This leads Jen, at my bus stop, crying.
She tells me to just ignore her, and then
apologizes for being a mess.
So I ignore her. It’s nearing midnight, my bus should be here
Jen begins to talk some more.
Tells me her situation. I feel bad.
I try to make her feel better somehow.
We’re on the Topic of music now.
Both of us trying to remember who made the song Stairway To Heaven.
We agree on Led Zeppelin.
Jen ask for my favorite song.
I say Slip Sliding Away by Paul Simon. Song of my
She then tells me her favorite song. Then,
She starts to sing. She sings Imagine to it’s entirety.
Her voice a soft, beautiful, rasp.
I take the moment in.
I realize, I will never forget this night.
Every time I hear the song Imagine, I will always remember



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