Third Posting for TrIP by Ivan Riascos

In my third posting as an AIR, I have decided to list good and bad deeds I have witnessed while riding the bus system as another phase of my TrIP experiences.

*Good deeds

 Bus 436 N-Southbound:

A man gave up his seat so a single woman, her four kids, and her mom could sit together.

A passenger notified a man who was busy talking on his cell phone that he had dropped something while he was boarding the bus.

 Bus 103-Northbound:

The driver helps a passenger with directions so they can get to their destination.

Bus 34-Northbound:

The driver wanted to make sure I was reaching my destination by confirming my stop.

 Bus 103-Southbound:

The stop request cord was malfunctioning, continuously telling the driver to stop at the next stop, so it was difficult for the driver to determine who wanted to get off and who didn’t. A passenger figured out that the cord had latched itself to the emergency opening by accident. She unhooked it and it was fixed. The passengers applauded the woman for her deed and she did a curtsy in return.

Bus 44-Southbound:

A fellow passenger notified a passenger who was busy loading his bike and paying his bus fare that he had left his backpack on the bench. The man was very grateful to the passenger who notified him.

Bus 37-Southbound:

A young male and a single mother carrying her 5 month old baby, who were both sitting up front in the handicap section, noticed an elderly man in a get around scooter was about to board. They immediately got up before the bus even stopped, to give up their seats.

Apopka Superstop:

A man bummed a cigarette and light from another person.

Bus 436 N-Southbound and Bus102- Southbound:

A man with a suitcase was lost and trying to get to a certain part of Orlando. The driver and several passengers rallied to help him out by giving him instructions and educating him the degree of difficulty of the Lynx bus system.


*Bad deeds

Bus 103-Southbound:

A passenger boarding was asking the driver questions, which then escalated to the point the passenger said something offensive to the driver. I don’t know what was said or what the situation was about, but it was severe enough for the driver to demand the passenger to get off his bus (even though the passenger had paid) as he did not have to take that kind of verbal abuse.


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