Tinted Windows by AIR Ivan Riascos

The first thing I notice boarding a Lynx bus on Saturday, September 6 is how dark it is on the inside, no matter how bright it is outside. The only figure I can see inside is the driver. It’s like looking into a black box as the bus slows down to pick me up, but upon boarding the bus, it is not dark at all.   It’s very well lit. I found out after riding several buses that if the bus has advertisement on its side it has this extra matrix decal adhere to the windows making it slightly darker than the existing normal dark tinted windows. No matter if it’s day or night it is very hard for outsiders to look through the bus windows.

The buses are designed with privacy windows that are way different from several years ago. If the movie Speed had these types of windows, would the movie have had the same impact? Witnessing the desperation in the passenger’s faces in their predicament, knowing that their lives were at stake before the bomb blew, could Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock team up to save the day? Or would they fail because of the privacy coating? Would we care what the outcome would be if we didn’t see the faces of the passengers? If you notice, all types of buses, even school buses have some type of privacy coating on the windows. It makes me feel disconnected and that I am allowed to create my own illusion of the people inside these transports. I not saying this is good or bad, I am just stating something that I have thought about.


(Image from the movie Speed)

For the TrIP project, I have decided instead of gazing inwards towards the bus, I’m gazing out the bus’s window, making photographs that show the dotted matrix of privacy predominately and blurring the landscape where people can create their own illusions about Florida.

(Click to Enlarge)

_DSC0059 _DSC0062 _DSC0063 _DSC0064


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