September’s A.I.R. Introduction

Hi Everyone,

When I was offered the opportunity as an AIR I began to think about my approach to TrIP. I will be honest; I rarely use public transportation in Orlando. I don’t want to do a feel – good project or take images and tell stories about people who use public transportation on a daily bases. I don’t want to put people in a fishbowl that use public transportation; they are humans who for some set of circumstances, good or bad use Lynx. Yes, there are people who by choice want to make the world better by doing their part in lowering pollution, or because they enjoy not driving, but it seems the majority of the people who use the Lynx system is not by their own choosing.

Taking the Lynx system I catalog myself as a tourist, not someone who depends on this system on a daily basis to make a living. When living in Chicago and Bogota I preferred to use the public transportation, to do my part in lowering emissions. Plus not having the stress of parking my car or driving in traffic was better for my health. Yes I would freeze my butt off, get wet, and my nightlife became non-existent during the week, since the majority of buses would stop running at a certain time making it difficult to get back home.

Let’s be honest, everything in Florida is spaced out, and the transit system is pretty bad, including the Lynx system for the elderly and disabled, and on this subject I’m not a tourist. My mother and sister, who are both disabled, depend on this badly administrated system. They pick you up late and make you miss your appointment, taking a longer route to pick up more clients (similar to what airlines do when you are traveling from Chicago to Asheville, but you have a two-hour layover in Dallas). They sometimes even forget to pick you up from the place they dropped you off, but I’m getting off the point.

As part of my on line blog I will be sharing postcards sent by my friend, photographer Robert Clarke-Davis. He mails me postcards on a regular basis that document his encounters on transit systems in various locations in the USA and overseas.   I decided to do this to show another perspective that is shared with me on a personal level and make it more public. Who knows what the outcome will be? To me experimenting is part of the fun in making art.

Ivan Riascos


Postcard by Robert Clarke-Davis (Click on image to enlarge)





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