Unlucky 13 LINK written & illustrated by Jessica Earley

A week ago I asked friends via Facebook: “What’s your least favorite bus link on LYNX and why?”

Mine is the 13 because there have been too many times when I’ve just barely missed it
and get stuck waiting a whole hour for the next one to come.

The consensus seemed to be hands down, that the 13 bus is abhorrent.


“The 13 sucks.”

“13. no explanation necessary.”

“It only runs once an hour and the bus stops have no benches or shade… So to wait for that long is kind of painful.”

“The 13 is frequently 15-20 minutes late, and it’s nearest East End Market stop is inexplicably by a Navy parking lot several blocks away.”

“The 13 is the route I ride to and from school. It is consistently & SIGNIFICANTLY late at my stop on Aloma near 436 heading toward UCF in the mornings
and afternoons–anecdotal report coming from over a year of rides. Also, the stop placements are kind of nonsensical…
maybe they haven’t been revisited since all the development along the route (a pretty significant amount in the past 4-5 years)
has taken place or something.”

“I’m sure the ghosts of long-gone base workers (and now Baldwin Park richies) are clamoring for that 13 line on General Rees.
Time for a re-do.”

This is an official S.O.S to LYNX to help make the 13 less painful.



2 thoughts on “Unlucky 13 LINK written & illustrated by Jessica Earley

  1. The 13 could have been the glittering showcase of a bus system finally bringing Orlando transportation into the 20th Century – and possibly even the 21st Century.Indeed it should have been,because of it’s strategic importance.(Historically,the only East-West link through major residential areas,many of which are close to the ultimate end of the route in Downtown).
    Of course it is STILL the only bus to operate along University Boulevard,a connection which now contains TWO major institutions of Higher Education.Noticeably,the one for which the entire 7-mile thoroughfare was originally named is growing so rapidly,that it’s position as 2nd largest University in the entire Republic – barely behind “THE” Ohio State – will inexorably change to Number One.

    And yet,the largest University, in the nation purported to be the greatest on the planet,is only served by a single bus – running every 60 minutes.Why is nobody ashamed at that atrocious outrage? It is certainly not a statistic that “The City Boastful” will ever proudly proclaim.

    Instead,the 13 is a glaring example of a system that simply does not care – “funded” by a limo-driven elite which only cares about financing the self-appointed clique of wealthy cronies who deposit huge commission checks when being seen to enact symbolic change.This is precisely why,for example, substantial funds were diverted to propping up – and even ‘expanding’ – the Zero-Revenue “Lymmo” service.Thereby making that free bus,(which only serves a tiny area of downtown – which was already walkable in less time than the bus wait+ride),even more expensively obsolete.
    Everything will always be made to look attractive in the immediate vicinity of Orlando City Hall and the Orange County Commission.

    As a result,we are forced to live with the obscenity of this most prominent link being reduced to hourly – and STILL leaving UCF so late,that it’s already 15 minutes late less than 5 minutes down the line.Thus rendering countless connections completely useless.There have even been far too many outrages of the bus arriving at a stop 5 minutes early – although if I try to anticipate that at my departure point of Hall Rd & University I find myself idling for 20 minutes before the bus eventually arrives.(Incidentally,my sheletered stop – across from the dangerously exposed stop at Bibb Lane,which the drivers of the 13 don’t even know! – is barely 100 feet from a completely new stop,complete with Shelter,in the middle of no-man’s land).

    Needless to say,there is no hope of ever making it over to any SunRail train.(I find that a 40-minute bicycle ride is my only viable option – even if it’s rarely practical – if I find myself needing to board this latest fairground attraction).

    The corrupt incompetence of the 13’s current incarnation – now at least 5 years old – was a result of the direct swap with the old 30 route – an hourly service bypassing downtown via its route along Colonial to finish at the West Oaks mall in Ocoee.This was transformed into a service running every 30 minutes.It subsequently became the 104,which does now serve LCS as its terminus – but proudly only stops at very few spots along its entire route.Consequently the blight along the eastern end of East Colonial has only worsened.(East of Alafaya continues to be a no-man’s land,nominally “served” by a so-called Pick Up service only available to those selectively deemed to be too far away).

    Presumably Lynx believes that all the problems of the 13 have been resolved by sprinkling the pixie dust of a handful of token gestures.The student shuttles based at UCF,plying the smallest stretches of University which are already walkable are as irrelevant as the Lymmo service circling the woefullymisnamed “Downtown Orlando”.
    Perhaps an even more egregious addition,is the installation of the “KnightLynx”.This is even more elitist than the UCF shuttles,because it is only available to those students who are legally allowed to rage and rave – during its hours of service back to UCF around 3am.

    Of course these services are not available to the greater public,and yet have resulted in the greater public being provided with a severely reduced pay service!

    The elimination of individual timetables,in favour of horrifically over-simplified general “brochures” – based on a series of hub “superstops” and wildly approximate wait times – was another grotesque travesty of “service”.

    We can only conclude that the huge swaths of the non-student population who cannot drive – the under 15s,the elderly,those with handicaps at any age – simply do not matter.(It is safe to assume that those elected – or appointed – officials within the relevant governing bodies don’t fall into any of those categories.And they feel confident that they never will,nor will any of their friends or relations).
    Cities which are truly World Class grasped this concept several generations ago.

    Or is it really true that those population masses themselves don’t care?! Why do individuals wait until they are affected,before being outraged at the society they themselves created?

    A civilized society displays its outrage on behalf of everybody.
    World Class communties already do.

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