Things To Be Happy About: Learning from strangers by Jessica Earley

It’s 4am at the Lymmo station downtown on Magnolia and Central. A man walks up and sits his butt down right on the yarn as I’m sewing it onto the pole.
“Hey” I say to him.
“Hey” he responds.
I tried to gauge whether or not he was being sketchy or just really wanted to sit.


He begins to tell me that he has a DUI and so he’s waiting for his ACCESS LYNX shuttle.
I had never heard of this service before, so I had him it explain it to me.
Turns out, if you are travelling somewhere within Orange, Osceola, or Seminole counties and there is no bus stop within a certain distance
from your destination, you can call LYNX ahead of time to schedule your trip and they will provide door to door transportation for you.
Kind of like booking a taxi, but at a considerably cheaper fare.


He had a few questions for me as well.
“You guys didn’t come out here just to do this did you?”
“Actually yeah. This is my life.” I said.
“You guys are fucking nuts. So you guys don’t get high on anything?”
“Nope” I said. ”
“You’re just chillin’? You’re just enjoying it all? That’s crazy.”

He stayed the entire time I set up the yarn and the sheet of paper I made for people to list things that make them happy.
When we were walking away from the Lymmo station he yelled out to us:
“I like it!”

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