Ugly Orlando: A Chronologically Abstract Week Selected From My Life as a Captive Lynx Bus Rider by Leah Sandler


Ugly Orlando is a visual journal following a week’s worth of the experiences of a captive Lynx bus rider. Through collages of caricatures, bus ephemera, and cannibalized artworks, Ugly Orlando seeks to disambiguate the multifaceted consequences of captive ridership and its associated lifestyle through a meandering, subconscious exploration of a structured work week commute. Ugly Orlando is informed by the concept of Derive, taking the form of a journey within the confines of an urban landscape while remaining sensitive to the emotional and psychological impacts of captive ridership. While an overt expression of frustration, I created Ugly Orlando out of the desire to shape an Orlando in which public transportation is not a last resort. A bus rider since the age of 16, tethered to the inadequate system by economic necessity, I have chosen to filter and distill my experiences through the paradigm of an alienated and abject alter-ego self figure.


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