“Freely Situated Ed; or, A Time to Kill” and “Radically Contingent William with PDA” by Moriah Russo


“Freely Situated Ed; or, A Time to Kill”


MRusso1“Radically Contingent William with PDA”



Photographing human subjects environed by transit infrastructure combines problematic tendencies of image-making together with the task of characterizing complex civic, political, economic, social, and cultural Drives and Consequences of alternative transportation in Sunbelt sprawl. The straight-forward portrait is an impossible ideal, as representations are undeniably and inevitably influential. Curiosity implies the unknown in antipode and is compelled by fixations of Difference.


The (sub)titles of these photographs are drawn from Simone de Beauvoir’s Pyrrhus et Cinéas, in which she defines the danger of non-consensually imputing symbolized bodies in political projects and questions the principles of ethical relationships in a world of isolated freedoms. In an effort to uphold ethics of subject-ification in the act of imaging, I’ve relied on chance to occasion ops [“oops”] and petitioned participants to pose with sovereignty.


We Willing, The Commuters portraits serve as the un-interpretable pinning beneath creative analysis of transit systems in Central Florida via TrIP initiatives. These riders represent themselves and compel lookers to interrogate representations and how they are produced, valued, & exchanged re: looking in general and looking at non-automobile transport in particular.






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