Sunrail + Camera by Spencer Britt

I went out on the Sunrail one Friday afternoon with two of my friends and my camera. You see, my friends and I ride the Sunrail often so it wasn’t to different, except this time I decided to document the trip. Now the Sunrail was intended for the use of only adults going to and from work, hence why it only runs Monday through Friday. But I wanted to show the importance and daily options of use for the average teenager. Since the kids my age mainly don’t have cars we relied on our bikes, skateboards and occasional parent driving us to get where we need to go. Now though, with the Sunrail we can still use our bikes and skateboard but get to where we need to be in a much shorter time. So that is what I attempted to show with my TRiP photos, how we teenagers can use public transportation for our best advantages.


photo 3 photo 2 photo 1


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