Portrait Sessions by Tina Craig


Ashley Pollard, Architect, Bike Commuter

All the details emerge when you bike––every corbel and cornice, as well as the blight that was meant to be lost behind the glare of car windows. But someone has to look, to fill alleys with atriums, to see parks in parking spaces.


Brendan O’Connor, Artist, Bike (and Occasional Canoe) Commuter

Transportation is the product of necessity and imagination.


Brent Buffington, Videographer, Gave Up His Car for 30 Days

Roads look different after you’ve shed your car. It’s surprisingly easy to use the bus to get places.


 Heather Allen, Yoga Instructor, SunRail Joyrider

We’re waking up, gathering ourselves, all our hearts beating beneath the hum of the train as it sings us into daylight. There is peacefulness on the trip.


Ryan Rivas, Writer, Occasional Lymmo Rider 

If you don’t know where to look or what to do with your hands, a book is the best place to hide. It’s transportation within transportation.


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