Adrian by Christopher Garcia

This is Adrian. He’s a singer, spoken word poet and has the gift of gab. I saw him hanging out after a hip hop show and he didn’t fit in. I hadn’t seen Adrian at the show and he had just appeared out of nowhere, armed with an iPad mini entrenched in some reading materials. I started asking questions and to my surprise he obliged. I found out the reason he was there was because he had missed the bus four times. It was 1:30 am and the next bus wasn’t coming till 4 am. Having heard the music and seeing the commotion of people he decided the space would be a good place to wait. At this point in the conversation two others joined and we had a circle going. Adrian went on to tell me that he actually owns a car but prefers to ride the bus. It saves him money and helps keeps his life scheduled. Unemployed, it keeps him in check and fills more time in his day as he looks for a job. He expressed to me that he likes to sing and it his his dream to one day lead a choir. I pushed a little more and requested a song and after some pause he began to sing for me and the small group that had gathered around us. It was captivating. This quite, unassuming someone with a voice that bellowed a beautiful & harmonious tune. He would later go on to speak some spoken word as well. I asked him how he ended up in the situation he’s in. Adrian never told me why he’s unemployed but expressed the huge financial burden that has come with it. Even though he has a car he can’t afford the payments or the gas to drive it. He was homeless for a moment when a friend recommended the Zebra Coalition. He was told they had showers there and Adrian asked no questions. He went there immediately and knocked on their door looking for help. The Zebra Coalition eventually provided him with public housing and the tools necessary to get his life back on track. Considering all of this I asked him how he got the iPad mini, Adrian said “I won it in a raffle.”  My hope is that the same luck continues to find him.



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