We All Travel A Different Path by Jessica Earley

I felt a bit nervous to go on the Field TrIP with everyone because I was intimidated to take photos of strangers on the bus. So I asked two people who I’m very close with, who both happen to travel without a car, if I could take their portraits. Neither of them prefers Lynx as a primary mode of transportation so we decided to capture them in their most authentic moving forms. For Justin, his bike is his fifth limb. The Cady Way Trail is his 408. It’s the backdoor passageway that takes him secretly to and from. So it was undeniably the place we had to capture him.

Aaron enjoy’s getting around by foot. Either by skateboard or walking. The benefit to this slower paced travel is that you get to explore more of the world around you. Finding tiny things along your way. Aaron and I ended up meandering along the train tracks. Both of us wish to one day take a jaunt on the Sunrail, but alas, this will come much easier once they finally open up travel on the weekends. (Hint, hint. Nudge, nudge)

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