TrIP: Taking Photos in a Public Place is Not a Crime by Greg Leibowitz

I have been enjoying taking photos at the Lynx Central Station for TrIP for a few weeks now. Going out about every other morning and shooting photos has been great for my creative process. Unfortunately I have had some run-ins with security. There is usually a disconnect between myself and security. Security has a list of rules I may or may not be breaking, but that list of rules never really includes my list of pros for why I may be breaking one or two of those rules. I am taking photos of people that ride transit to enter in an art show and to edify the experience of riding alternative transportation. This is definitely not in any security handbook. Security said I was getting complained about for taking candid photographs of people, so I began to simply just ask people if I could take their photo. Several people started getting curious about what I was doing and began coming up to me and asking me to take their photo. I have connected with budding models, event planners, and people who want their story to be heard. Another run-in with security was when I started walking around with a clipboard for people to sign model releases after I took their photo. Security has a problem with political canvassers with clipboards bothering people who are idly waiting around for the bus. They may prefer people to have their iPods on rather than engaging in any political conversations. I was told by security, “We have watched you on several security cameras going around with your camera and clipboard”. Irony is also not in the security handbook. I will leave my clipboard at home for now and keep going back until I get trespassed. The concentrated amount of people and incredible stories are worth it.  

Photo by Greg Leibowitz Photo by Greg Leibowitz Photo by Greg Leibowitz Photo by Greg Leibowitz Photo by Greg Leibowitz Photo by Greg Leibowitz Photo by Greg Leibowitz


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