TrIP- The Commuters Show August 21- September 13 by Patrick Greene

When I purchased a couple of 30 day Lynx passes last October I really wasn’t sure what I was going to do with them. I thought about an art project, but at first I thought I would be the only artist to participate.

After lots of notes and brainstorming I handed a pass to David Moran last October 30th. The Transit Interpretation Project (TrIP) had begun.

The following evening he left his apartment near UCF heading toward the Parliament House’s Annual Halloween Party. David began an all  night odyssey that involved catching different busses, partying, and finally heading home just before 5AM, walking over 13 miles, most of it on Highway 50. He took 194 photos and videos, stopping in all night fast food places to recharge his phone, while dressed like a Teenage Ninja Mutant Turtle. Around noon he made it home, exhausted, but in a few hours he would have to wake up and take a bus into town to hand the pass off to Jesse Bradley. Both Moran and Bradley use the Lynx as their primary transportation, so there was no driving over to meet up with each other. In November the pass was passed off to a different person each day. I asked that each participant give me a blog post in 30 days. The post should be inspired from the experience. There was no formal application. I didn’t ask for a portfolio, writing samples or anything like that. If you want to participate in TrIP you can. The group consisted of people who had shown their art, writing, films or performed way beyond the borders of Orlando,  and some that had never had any audience for their creative endeavors. The tagline on the TrIP Facebook page is:  artists, writers, composers, guerrilla gardeners, story tellers, urban space manipulators etc. interpret their experiences in transit. Since the beginning over 50 people have done TrIP. In March TrIP traveled to Roanoke, VA. David Moran presented TrIP at the Next City conference in Chattanooga, TN.

On Thursday, TrIP is the focus of Orlando’s Downtown Development Board’s “What’s Up Downtown.” John Lewis, the CEO for Lynx, will be speaking and I will be telling the audience about TrIP. It is a way to tell stories about the community- lesser known stories. It is also a way for those who feel like nobody listens to be given a chance to speak and be heard.

On August 21st from 6-9PM at The Gallery at Avalon Island TrIP will feature The Commuters Show. The show consists of the work of 13 photographers and their photo portraits of the people that ride the Lynx, Sunrail and bicycle to get around. The show will run through September 13th. The opening is a part of the Downtown Arts District’s Third Thursday Art Stroll . They are also sponsors of the show along with City Beverages and reThink Your Commute. This event will be the kickoff of a new phase for TrIP. We want to open up TrIP to the general public. We want videos, photos, poems, music or whatever you have that is inspired by your experience as a Sunrail, Lynx or bicycle rider.

TrIP will continue to evolve and include new people and places. If you are reading this, and you have ideas of how to make the project more interesting or you want to tell your story with sketches, poems, video, photos, cartoons etc, send them our way.

Sunrail Station at Florida Hospital Village
Sunrail Station at Florida Hospital Village

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