A sense of hope and the relief of knowing someone is out there by Jessica Early

I’m excited to have been asked to participate as this month’s TrIP Artist in Residence, largely because I haven’t been creating very much art recently and I’m hoping this will act as a springboard or catalyst for new work.
It will be a month long reminder to pay attention to my surroundings and try to think up new ways to interact with it.
As someone who doesn’t own a car and uses alternative transportation to get around in life, I’ve never
found it to be particularly inspiring. Though something I have always found inspiring is seeking ways to
surprise and intrigue people in a positive way and catch them off guard in their day to day lives.
So for the month of August I am hoping to blend the very uninspiring public transportation system with the incredibly inspiring ambush of wonderment.
 To set the gears in motion, on my first day of residency, I’ve created a flyer which I taped up next to a bunch of other flyers on a street corner I pass every day on my commute. There is a man who regularly posts here who seems to be in quite a lot of distress. Most of his postings appear to be about government conspiracies, identity theft, and wrongdoings he’s been a victim of.
My flyer is in no way meant to belittle his claims, but rather to offer him a sense of hope and the relief of knowing someone is out there is hearing his voice.
(The character was drawn by Aaron Gombar).  Here’s to 30 days of paying attention. jessicaearley

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