TrIP: Kicking off the Artist in Residence Program

2014-07-16 01.17.11 pm

Hey there! My name is Nathan Selikoff and I’m an artist and programmer based in Orlando, Florida. I participated in TrIP last November – you can read my first and second posts from that phase – and now I have the privilege of being TrIP’s first Artist in Residence. Thanks to Pat Greene for the invitation.

Since this Artist in Residence program is brand new, it’s pretty flexible, and Pat’s instructions to me are basically to “have fun” while exploring Orlando via transit and using art (loosely defined) to tell stories about our city.

I took my first TrIP of this residency about a week ago, deciding to ride the Lynx bus from my house, which is near John Young Parkway and L.B. McLeod, to one of my favorite places to work and hang out, Downtown Credo in College Park.

Having planned my route with Google Maps, I left my house at 8:06am, and though I arrived at the bus stop on time, the #36 bus had already come and gone. I suspected this when I saw a few people walking into my neighborhood as I was walking to the stop, and knew it to be true after waiting for a little while at the stop.

So, the bus was early. Not an uncommon thing in Orlando, since there are so many stops and the timing changes drastically based on where people are getting off and on – but I rarely ride the bus and didn’t give myself enough time. For those who ride the bus regularly, I’m curious how far in advance of the scheduled pickup time you typically arrive at a stop?

Other noob-ish things: I forgot a water bottle and sunscreen. A hat would’ve been nice too. I should have reviewed Sarah’s list of daily commuting essentials.

The 36 is the most convenient bus for me to pick up from my house, but it only comes close by once an hour. Instead of going back home and waiting, I decided to walk about a mile to OBT and 29th where I could pick up the 8 or the 107. My phone told me the 8 would come first, but the 107 did instead. I found myself wondering about what the scheduled pickup time was for the 107? Had it been early or late? How does riding the 107 from there to LCS compare to riding the 8?

I arrived at LCS (Lynx Central Station) at 9:02am, about an hour after I had left my house. So far I’m averaging 5 miles an hour, as the Central Station is about 5 miles from my house.

At this point I had another decision to make. Take the 102 or 108, which left soon but would drop me off about a mile from my destination, or wait for the 125, which would take a little while to come and would take longer to get there, but would drop me off 2 blocks from my destination. I decided to wait.

I don’t mind walking, but it takes a lot of time, and my first mile walk of the day had already made me sweaty, and the sun was rising quickly. I thought about all of the people around me who have to take the bus to work, wearing a uniform for an indoor job, walking significant distances in the Florida summer. I was thankful to be wearing shorts and a t-shirt, and for the flexibility of my schedule and work.

The 125 pulled in at 9:21am and I boarded at 9:23am, but it didn’t leave until 9:48am. The actual ride was 24 minutes, and I got into Credo at 10:14am, a little over two hours after leaving my house, having traveled 6.5 miles as the car drives from my house.

Time spent…
26 minutes walking
58 minutes waiting
44 minutes riding the bus

2 hours 8 minutes total

My next mission is to get my bike back in commission – I’m hoping it will give me more flexibility, efficiency and mobility when coupled with riding the bus.


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