TrIP Phase One Addendum: Maybe This Can Fix It by Gerald Perez

Screen Shot 2014-04-19 at 6.31.58 PM

i had to use the lynx bus for a year to get to and from work. i have one simple thing to say
about the lynx service:
i do not like the lynx service.
my reasoning
if you are lucky, you will board your bus on time.
if you are lucky, it will only take 30 minutes to travel 2 miles
if you are lucky, the bus experience will be relatively unimpressionable
no one is lucky everyday, and as the lynx bus has proven, being lucky comes about 5% of the
i wait half an hour early for the bus in order not to miss it, because if i do there will not be
another for at least an hour. i have waited two hours for my bus to come from downtown to take me home. i have waited in the rain for 45 minutes to get to work. i have had to chase a bus down the street for it only to ignore me when i caught up with it to get on board. it is a stress that is beyond imaginable means of public transit. so when pat greene gave me an opportunity to creatively show my interpretation of the lynx through his TrIP Project, i was enthralled with the idea of showing listeners what i only have had to bare alone. be aware that these pieces are not intended to promote the lynx service specifically, but to bring attention to its poor standards of public transportation. i feel strongly about the necessity of public transportation, so maybe this can somehow improve the situation by making its fallacies transparent.

maybe this can fix it.

TrIP – The Transit
this work consists solely of field recordings from the lynx central station on the evening of
november 30th, 2013. the percussion of the track is primary from construction work for the sun rail. i modulated the pitches of several different sounds, including a jackhammer and power saw, to make the percussion sound like a industrial/house kit. holiday jingles from the lobby are included in the audio, (you can hear male voices singing ‘ding-dong’ and ‘bells and sleigh bells’ ) to capture the time period. every sample has been modulated by pitch, effect, or both for the purpose of storytelling. the sounds include chatter from other travelers, ambient noises from the busses, automatic doors opening and closing, so on and so forth.  my focus was to create a feeling of repetition, anxiety, and overwhelming aural enticements which affect every traveler. it is my interpretation of boarding and transferring through the lynx bus system.

TrIP – The Reflection
as with TrIP – The Transit, this piece is solely field recordings from the lynx central station on november 30th, 2013. the main motif is a sample of a running bus engine, accompanied by audio taken inside the lobby. the lobby audio was transposed to fill out a chordal triad to fill in the body of the motif. the melody is a simple descending four note run, taken from a sample of a train horn from inside the lobby of the central station.
this piece is intended to be a companion to TrIP – The Transit. where The Transit is anxious and chaotic, The Reflection was meant to be a mantra. in form, it is a running loop that has no end or beginning. it is meant to be played on repeat to garner that effect, ideally through headphone or stereo speakers to feel the phasing movement in the audio. the idea behind it was to interpret the feeling of a travelers transit. whether you are sitting inside the lynx, waiting foranother to come along, walking to your next destination, whatever. the point is the ease you mind while also being reminded of the endless movement of the wheels.


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