#BATTideas podcast features #TrIP_Orlando and @deadquarewalking


Bringing Art (and) Technology Together (BATT) is a podcast and unconference hosted by Ryan Price and Kathryn Neel. They mainly feature creative people skirting the boundaries between science and art. 

BATT’s latest podcast features TrIP co-organizer and participant David Thomas Moran.

Below is a brief bio/description of the podcast as well as links to the sound file and other topics/projects/items mentioned in during the conversation.

BATT Podcast 7: David Thomas Moran

David Thomas Moran is a phoneur, photographer and game designer currently involved in the Transit Interpretation Project who works in urban mobile games, creative place making, and has many interesting projects. He is pursuing an MFA from UCF in Emerging Media. In this episode we also discuss how the creative community in Orlando can reach out to the West and the tourist-driven part of our economy.


Mentioned in this podcast


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Music: “5 dan b4g, in C” by junior85 (Tony Higgins) via Vimeo Music Store

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