There is still more enroute from #TrIP_Orlando #staytuned


There is more to come from the Transit Interpretation Project (TrIP).  TrIP Phase One Addendum posts will be starting up soon.

Pat Greene, TrIP’s curator and the curator/director of both The Corridor Project and the Gallery at Avalon Island, has several ideas brewing that should be coming down the blog pipeline in the near future as well.

In the meantime, here is a breakdown of last month’s TrIP blog posts in case you missed any of them or want to give them a second glance.

Day 1: @DeadQuareWalking by David Thomas Moran

Day 2: Welcome to Lion Country by Jesse Bradley

Day 3: Untitled Photography Series by Barbara A. Ery

Day 4: Structure and System by Nathan Selikoff

Day 5: Stealthy Public Transit by Hannah Plate

Day 5 – Part II: Untitled Graphic Narrative by Madison Meyer

Day 6: Unaffiliated Grace by Jessica Earley

Day 7: Fancy Recorder by Brittany Metz

Day 8: Place, Time, and Memory in Lonesome Pines by Moriah Lorraine Russo

Day 9: Wearing the 8 by Bethany Mikell, Megan Steward and Kelly Berry

Day 10: People on the Street Cannot See You -Part I of II by Patrick Greene

Day 11: People on the Street Cannot See You -Part II of II by Patrick Greene

Day 12: Let’s make this a regular thing by Sarah Abuobaida Elbadri

Day 13: Dear LYNX by A Brokenhearted Commuter 

Day 14: The Sensory Space of a Bus by Dina Mack 

Day 15: Busing Around the World – Text by Geoff Benge, Illustration by Janna Benge 

Day 16: Point of Departure by Voci Dance 

Day 17: I’m Not Going Nowhere – Poem by Olivia Zuk, Photograph by Aaron Harriss. 

Day 18: The Not-So-Magic Bus by Seth Kubersky 

Day 19: Patience by Tre 

Day 20: Update on Structure and System by Nathan Selikoff 

Day 21: ants by Natalie Ayala 

Day 22: Surround Sound by Emilie Finney 

Day 23: Outside Looking In by Danielle Darden 

Day 24: Premium Living by Sean Ironman 

Day 25: Pantoum of LYNX Route 40 by Vanessa Blakeslee 

Day 26: Back and Forth by Woodruff Laputka 

Day 27: I’ll Be Home Soon by Ivan Riascos 

Day 28: Recognizable in a Blur by Jay Flynn 

Day 29: Riders’ Block: a confession by Ryan Rivas 

Day 30: Home to the Crossroads by Julian Chambliss 


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