TrIP Blog Day 22: Surround Sound by Emilie Finney #TrIP_Orlando #publictransportation


My art practice explores the idea of meaning in language. Having recently begun exploring sound, I used the TrIP project as an opportunity to use this new avenue of expression. My piece is not yet complete, so I will go through my thought process and experience.

I got on the bus at the LYNX Central Station and rode it to the Fashion Square Mall. I recorded my trip on the bus and tried my best to capture the ambient sound. I may include a voice over for the piece, but, I want the sound to capture the experience. During part of my trip, two people a few seats behind me were conversing. Some phrases are clear while others are not. We also hear people interacting with the bus driver.

I am considering adding my voice describing what I saw as I rode on my trip. While I was recording, I listened to what my recorder was picking up through headphones. Sound is a large part of our surroundings and experiencing the ride through this sense emphasized the “feel” of sound and the surrounding space.


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