TrIP Blog Day 16: Point of Departure by Voci Dance #TrIP_Orlando #publictransportation #movement #dance

[For Phase One], we rode the bus [Nov. 16] observing, improvising and collecting movement that will evolve into a larger project. Contributors: Voci Dance, Sarah Lockard, Genevieve Bernard, Rokaya Mikhailenko, and Katherin Thomas Fabian.
Voci TrIP Phase One Report

Who: 4 members of Voci Dance
What: Looking for movement inspiration on Lynx route 13
Where: Route 13, starting at downtown Lynx station
When: Saturday, November 16, 2013 in the morning

Approach: I wavered between two approaches to our ride. Should we present movement or gather movement? I decided to have a set movement phrase that would be a point of departure for other movement. The dancers and I created a short seated phrase that could be done on the bus. Every time the bus started rolling after a stop, the dancers started the phrase. Variations were created with direction and seating arrangements. Each time the bus stopped, the dancers were given the assignment to ” do Si do” or change seats and locations within the bus. During the ride, the dancers used improvisation to create movement based on ” pedestrian” movements of the passengers riding the bus. I recorded the movements created via video and written notes.

Findings: Some passengers took notice when we danced the phrase we created for the bus. Others didn’t seem to notice at all. We had the most fun with the improvisation based on passengers movements. The dancers started creating duets and trios and climbing over seats and in the aisles which generated interesting movement. As the bus swayed and turned, we started playing with that movement, surrendering to the natural movement of the bus. The deeper the dancers got into this exploration, the more interesting the movement became.

What next: We plan to create a piece. Using the movements we collected on the bus, we will workshop and create phrases of movement. We may share the choreography with a musician and invite them to compose accompanying music.

Below is a gallery of images captured on Voci Dance’s bus TrIP.  These photograph’s are also posted on Voci Dance’s Facebook.


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