TrIP Blog Day 13: Dear LYNX by A Brokenhearted Commuter @LYNXbusorlando #TrIP_Orlando #publictransportation

TrIP Blog Day 13: Dear LYNX by A Brokenhearted Commuter @LYNXbusorlando #TrIP_Orlando #publictransportation

Dear LYNX,

I want this relationship to work. I really do. But you make it so hard to love you. You and I should be a perfect match. I commute to work five days a week from downtown Orlando to John Young Parkway near the 528. I work in an office with more than a thousand people, and I genuinely appreciate public transportation. We should be able to make it work, LYNX. But here’s the thing—my daily driving commute takes an hour (30 minutes each way), but a daily LYNX commute would take four hours (two hours each way, assuming all three buses were on time). I could handle an hour each way, no one’s perfect, right? But four hours? That adds up to around 950 hours a year—nearly 40 days on the bus! And, let’s face it, we don’t need to be together that much.

And then there is the sirens’ call of SunRail. The closest SunRail station to the scores of office parks along John Young Parkway will be at Orange Avenue and Sand Lake Road, which is basically the middle of nowhere. So for SunRail to be of any use to the thousands of office workers and vocational students around here, it has to be served by efficient buses—not ones that take an hour to get from the station to office parks. For this to work, you have to change, LYNX. These insane commute times are tearing us apart. And unless there is some change (streamlined routes) or some growth (more buses) we will never be all that we could be. Show me you can change…and let’s ride off together into the sunset.


A Brokenhearted Commuter


4 thoughts on “TrIP Blog Day 13: Dear LYNX by A Brokenhearted Commuter @LYNXbusorlando #TrIP_Orlando #publictransportation

  1. Hi David, before you complain about how LYNX operates, maybe you should find out more about how LYNX is funded, and how woefully inadequate the funding this transit agency receives actually is. Maybe, instead of gripping you should become a part of the solution and lobby the powers that be on behalf of your transit agency.

    1. I saw that you sent the message to David. David did not write the post. I am glad you are reading the blog. I don’t think I understand your aggressive tone, especially as a response to something that had a tongue-in-cheek tone. David is a major part of the organization of the TrIP project. The project is intended to be a part of the solution by collecting narratives from many different riders. The hope is that the accumulation of stories can be telling of the overall picture. It is also a creative outlet for artists, or riders that just want to tell us their story. We are all aware that the bus has limited funding. Maybe you can explain that. Maybe not. We would love it if you would tell us how you have been a part of the solution. I hope our contributors all want to be a part of the solution, but I think griping can be a necessary part of figuring out what needs to be solved, or as you say gripping.

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